Water Rescue

Water resources efficiency and conservative use in drinking water supply systems

Τhe Project

Water resources efficiency and conservative use in drinking water supply systems


Priority axis Sustainability-Climate adaptability
Investment priorities 6f
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Komotini
Beneficiaries Municipal Water Sypply and Sewerage company of Thermaikos
Municipal Water Sypply and Sewerage company of Thermi
Municipality of Gotse Delchev
Municipality of Kardzhali
University of Thessaly-Special Account Funds for Research Department
Budget 789,574.56 €

WATER RESCUE project aims at sustainable drinking water supply management through the increase of water use efficiency and the monitoring & improvement of water quality throughout the whole water supply chain (from the water intake points & back to the environment).The project not only safeguards water resources quality and quantity from natural and human pressures but, more importantly, it assures the water consumers safety and health as well as their quality of life, being in line with EU & national legislation.As water meets no borders and Greece and Bulgaria share international river basins, it is imperative the common water management problems to be tackled jointly in the cross border area.

The project aims at the reduction of Non-Revenue Water in drinking water supply systems and the monitoring of surface water used for drinking purposes in the cross border area.The project’s outputs will be joint innovative methodological approaches, technologies & tools used to tackle drinking water management problems taking also into consideration human & natural pressures including climate change.These methodologies, serving as early warning systems, will be tested in pilot areas in the CB area and finally joint policy recommendation papers will highlight the results and lessons learnt.WATER RESCUE results will have a positive impact to the whole CB area. The programme & project area is expected to address & solve crucial common water supply management problems, meet the targets set by the RBMP PoMs & achieve economic & tourist development through improved water quality & quantity.

The project’s added value for the area is that better management of water resources used for drinking purposes is achieved, through water resources efficient use (reduced NRW) and water quality assurance in the whole water supply chain.Water use efficiency has positive environmental impacts (not only water but also energy resources efficient use; reduced carbon &water footprint). Regional & local authorities are expected to benefit from the project, as well as the water consumers (local citizens & visitors).

The dissemination of the project’s results is expected to grow a more “green” behavior resutling in reduced water consumption.The project’s activities are jointly developed by all partners verifying the need for a joint water management approach.The final integrated methodological tools (serving as early warning systems) that will come out of the project are innovative and new as until now only fragmentary tools and techniques are used to improve drinking water management.The project’s results will be disseminated through a solid, jointly developed communication and dissemination plan, ensuring the project results sustainability.Finally, the developed methodologies & tools, managing both water quantity & quality in the CB context will function as reference procedures that can be applied at a Balkan, Mediterranean and European level.

The Programme


Η Ελλάδα και η Βουλγαρία, δύο γειτονικές χώρες με πλούσιο παρελθόν, από το τέλος της δεκαετίας του 1990 έχουν μπει σε μια εποχή στενότερης συνεργασίας, χάρη στο Πρόγραμμα INTERREG “Ελλάδα-Βουλγαρία”.
Η βασική ιδέα πίσω από το “INTERREG” είναι ότι οι χώρες αντιμετωπίζουν διάφορα θέματα τα οποία μπορούν να επιλυθούν καλύτερα αν εργαστούν μαζί με τους γείτονες τους παρά αν παραμείνει ο καθένας περιορισμένος στα σύνορα του. Γι’ αυτόν τον λόγο, στο Πρόγραμμά μας προωθούμε δραστηριότητες που φέρνουν τους λαούς μας πιο κοντά.

Гърция и България, две съседни държави с богато минало, които след края на десетилетието на 1990 година са навлязли в една епоха на по-тясно сътрудничество, благодарение на Програмата INTERREG „Гърция-България”.
Главната идея на „INTERREG” се базира на факта, че държавите са изправени пред различни въпроси, които могат да бъдат разрешени по-успешно, ако работят заедно със своите съседи, отколкото ако всеки остане ограничен в границите си. Поради тази причина, в Програмата ни насърчаваме дейности, които сближават нашите народи.

Greece and Bulgaria, two neighboring countries with a rich past, since the end of the 1990s have entered an era of closer co-operation, due to the INTERREG Programme “Greece-Bulgaria”.
The main idea behind “INTERREG” is that countries have issues which can be better solved if they work together with their neighbors than if each one remains confined within its borders. So for this reason, in our Programme we promote activities that bring our people closer.